Arqueonautas online shop

For anyone who’s drawn to adventure – the Arqueonautas online shop

The task:

Create a new online shop for the fashion label Arqueonautas.

Our solution:

Intuitive navigation, attractive product presentation and a design with nautical flair make browsing fun. In addition to the products, there’s also an online adventure-themed magazine and a special section featuring a limited edition designed by Oscar-winning Hollywood star Kevin Costner.

About Arqueonautas

ARQUEONAUTAS, part of the Kitaro Fashion Group, offers high-quality casual fashion for discerning women and men between the ages of 30 and 50. The brand’s collections are developed in cooperation with divers from Arqueonautas, Arqueologia Subaquatica S.A., one of the world’s leading marine archeology companies. Crew members also serve as models for the brand’s photo shoots, and 1€ from every item of clothing sold goes toward preserving our global maritime heritage. This unique concept offers customers authentic adventures they can wear.


Hermes NexTec GmbH, Hamburg