Görtz shoe shop

Fashionable shoes conquer the screen – Görtz animated fashion specials

The task

Find an entertaining way to promote hot shoe designs and new trends in the online shop.

Our solution:

To create more buying incentives, we developed so-called “trend specials” for Görtz. These roughly one-minute long lovingly illustrated and animated films effectively present seasonal trends such as, for example, the “ethnic look,” “nautical flair” or “rock ’n’ roll.” Each of these 15 specials put the spotlight on four or five product highlights, which customers could buy directly in the online shop.

Schuh Safari

Happy Folklore

Sneaker Street

Bella Riviera

About Görtz

Hamburg-based LUDWIG GÖRTZ GmbH is Europe’s market leader for high-quality shoes and accessories. With around 240 locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as its online stores, GÖRTZ offers its clients not only top-quality shoe fashions but also accessories such as handbags, scarves and other seasonal highlights. The company sells its own in-house brands, such as Görtz Shoes and Ludwig Görtz, as well as famous designer labels. GÖRTZ has also maintained a successful presence in online business since 2003 with www.goertz.de and www.goertz.at.


Ludwig Görtz GmbH, Hamburg