Markus Remscheid

Markus Remscheid
Design, Management


+49 (0)30 78 89 03 -120



H2D2 GmbH
Hagelberger Str. 52
10965 Berlin


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Markus Remscheid, born in 1972, is director of H2D2. He began his career studying communications design at Wiesbaden University of Applied Sciences. Markus founded H2D2 in 2000 in Frankfurt am Main. Now located in Berlin, the design agency has carried out a wide variety of branding and online projects for small, national and international clients. The fascination and motivation that drive H2D2’s founder have remained unchanged through the years: the appeal of mastering new challenges and tasks, and of working together with a client to find an optimal solution that will make the client’s company more successful, give a brand a new look or make a company’s communications an uncomplicated and enjoyable experience. In addition to his passionate work on his clients’ projects, Markus Remscheid also pursues independent projects at H2D2 in various visual disciplines, for example typography, illustration and photography, with the goal of developing new and exciting forms of expression and modes of presentation for himself and his team. Markus’ work has been recognized with awards from the Type Directors Club, in New York, and the Rudo Spemann Prize, among others, and included in international publications. In his free time, Markus enjoys cycling and training for his next triathlon, and he dreams of completing the Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii.