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Identity-creating symbols and illustrations that communicate quickly.

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Unsere Leistungen als Agentur für Illustration und Icondesign:

  • Icon language
  • Icon design
  • SVG animation
  • Icon style guide
  • Illustration
  • Infographics
  • Animated illustrations
  • Explanatory films

Why with us

  • Speed ​ – based on our experience, we deliver excellent results in record time
  • Product quality – we get to the heart of complex relationships visually and also manage to add emotional added value to abstract symbols
  • Cost efficiency – thanks to our lean structures, we get by without the usual agency overhead

We are specialists for ...

  • Clearly understandable flat icons for e-commerce
  • animated SVG graphics for user-centered interfaces and apps
  • descriptive infographics that also show complex relationships in an understandable way
  • visual storytelling with the help of icons or illustrations

Icon design in e-commerce:

High-performance online shops make special demands on the icon design: Clearly understandable icons ensure a quick and smooth interaction process. A consistent design language across the entire shop creates trust.

UX icon system for Taschenherz’s online shop. The set is designed for good readability even in small display sizes and consistent expandability.

Navigation icons for Bombay, a provider of antique furniture and home decorations. The opulent icon style is matched to the product range on offer.

Complete e-commerce icon set with more than 100 symbols for free use by H2D2. Open Shopicons landing page in a new window


Icon set for an online wine shop. The icons symbolize the characteristics of the individual wines and have been optimized for use on the shop’s product pages.

Maritime fashion shop
Comprehensive icon set for an online shop provider of maritime fashion. The icons are optimized for quick orientation in the context of navigation and the My Account area. We have also designed special icons for content pages and competitions.

Icons & animation
Animated icons used sensibly help to communicate user interactions in an understandable way and to improve the user experience. Technically, we implement animated icons using the vector-based SVG format. The SVG animation is then triggered when a certain user interaction occurs, e.g. when an item has been placed in the shopping cart, a Like button has been tapped or a form request has been sent

Icons in infographic design:

With the help of infographics, mere numbers can be transformed into descriptive representations. Specially designed icons and diagrams play a central role here. They ensure that the content is more easily accessible and easier to classify and compare.

Icon set for the visual preparation of market research data. All icons are coordinated with the brand’s corporate design and consistently designed using an underlying grid system.

Icons in multicultural communication:

Icons overcome language barriers. This is why the small symbols are used wherever cross-language communication is required in a small space. Traffic signs and guidance systems for airports or train stations would be inconceivable without the use of abstract symbols. But icons also serve as concise substitutes for functions such as shopping cart, home page, my account and Co. for user guidance on websites. But icons can do even more, as the following example shows.

Language trainer for refugees
Icons are not only helpful in multicultural communication, they can even help you learn a new language. Our icon concept for a Persian / German language trainer shows what something like this can look like.

Icons für Sprachtrainer zur Integration von Flüchtlingen
Icons für Sprachtrainer zur Integration von Flüchtlingen
Icons für Sprachtrainer zur Integration von Flüchtlingen
Icons für Sprachtrainer zur Integration von Flüchtlingen
Icons für Sprachtrainer zur Integration von Flüchtlingen
Icons für Sprachtrainer zur Integration von Flüchtlingen


Compared to icons, illustrations can be made more colorful and naturalistic – that is, simply more illustrative. With their help, complex messages and stories can be told that would go beyond the possibilities of abstract icons.

Illustrations for the website Botspotter is software for online retailers who want to protect their digital marketplace from online fraud.

Mit der Lupe wird ein Bot erkannt und als böse identifiziert
Der Botspotter ist DSGVO konform, Daten verlassen das Netzwerk nicht.
Der Botspotter ist für den Online-Handel optimiert und macht den Shop nicht langsamer.
Visualisierung der einzelnen Sessions, die in Echtzeit bewertet werden. Basierend auf dem Fraud Score werden Maßnahmen empfohlen und übersichtlich dargestellt.

Illustrations for various digital services of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV). Such as B. the following illustrations that we designed for the patient service “116117”.

Passende ärztliche Versorgung finden
Bereitschaftspraxen finden für dringende Fälle
Terminbuchung mit Vermittlungscode beim Facharzt oder Therapeuten
Praxis merken
Illustration Wartungsarbeiten – animiert
Hero Illustration 116117

Development of a mascot for company sports at COMMERZBANK AG from Frankfurt / Main. The popular figure has now become a cult figure in the company and has been attracting a lot of attention and sympathy for the sports community for years.

E-Sports Frankie für die Betriebsportgemeinschaft Commerzbank
Yoga Frankie für die Betriebsportgemeinschaft Commerzbank
Betriebssportgruppe Commerzbank – alle Sportarten-Frankies

Eerily beautiful animation for The H2D2 logo shows its true colors on Halloween and transforms from one scary monster to the next.

We brought complete illustrative worlds to life for our customer GÖRTZ in order to put current shoe trends in the limelight. To this end, we illustrated about one-minute animated films in order to create appealing buying incentives for trending topics such as “Maritime Flair”, To set “rock ‘n’ roll” or “ethnic looks”.

Illustration für einen Animationsfilm zu einem Modetrend des Kunden Görtz
Illustration für einen Animationsfilm zu einem Modetrend des Kunden Görtz

For the bra advisor of our customer bonprix we have developed illustrations that provide information about the properties of the articles and support the customer in the consultation process.

Illustrationen für den BH-Berater unseres Kunden bonprix

Illustrations for the online magazine by sheego, which deals with the topics of fashion, Trends, styling and lifestyle.

Illustrationen für das Online-Magazin von sheego
Illustrations for the online blog by Markus Remscheid, that presents photo stories devoted to travel and cycling.

Radfahrer auf Vulkan der Kanarischen Inseln

Hidden picture puzzle „Viktoria-Park“
Illustrations for a hidden picture puzzle about a park near the H2D2 office.

H2D2 Wimmelbild-Poster „Viktoria Park“
H2D2 Wimmelbild-Poster „Viktoria Park“ – Detail
H2D2 Wimmelbild-Poster „Viktoria Park“ – Detail

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