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User-centered UX & UI design

Sell ​​better with positive user experiences.

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Our services as UX and UI agency:

  • UX / UI review
  • Interactive prototype development
  • Wireframing
  • UX Design
  • Planning of new functions and consulting tools
  • UI design
  • Micro-animations
  • Accessible design
  • Design systems based on Atomic Design principles

We all know these online shops where you always buy more than you originally planned. You look forward to their visit as much as to that of a perfectly equipped shop with attentive service.

These special user experiences are the result of careful planning in which UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) design go hand in hand.

UX und UI Design gehen Hand in Hand

What is User Experience Design vs. User Interface Design?

UX design Seamless processes ensure that everything runs smoothly

UI design Strategic design enables a unique branding and buying experience

This is how we do it

We align customer needs with your brand and your business goals

1. Kickoff workshop: Understanding requirements and framework conditions.

How would you like to position your company in the competition? What needs do your customers have and what drives them? How is your own team set up and what services can we use to supplement it?

We shed light on these questions in a joint workshop right at the beginning of our collaboration. They form the basis for the UX strategy.


2. UX Design: Design the user experience.

Your users want to find certain products quickly and at the same time be inspired to discover new things. We develop the structure, user guidance and interaction elements as well as screen texts that are meaningful and activating at the same time. Using interactive prototypes, initial work results can be discussed and tested at an early stage.

Wireframing und Prototyping

3. User Testing: Collect feedback.

In order to identify optimization potential and problems of understanding at an early stage, we carry out tests directly on the user. Ideally, a test group of 6–8 people from the intended target group is sufficient. We let the knowledge gained flow directly into the prototype and further development. We align the application development directly with the user.

User Testing

4. UI Design: Develop the visual language.

The interface design is also entirely at the service of user guidance and conversion. We use colors, shapes, spacing and typography according to psychological criteria, taking into account your existing corporate identity. The procedure based on Atomic Design principles ensures a consistent overall picture and enables time-saving front-end implementation.

UI Design

5. Frontend development: Lean code, lean processes.

We implement the developed user interface design directly in lean and valid HTML / CSS. In this way we can guarantee that the design will be implemented as originally planned, right down to the crucial details. We pay attention to a tidy code that can be maintained and forms a basis for further developments.


Here's what we can do for you:

New development:

We design the entire process, consistently based on your business goals and the needs of your users

Optimization of existing online shops:

We uncover weak points in the customer journey and develop solutions for improvement

Optimization based on existing data:

Do you already have user tests and funnel reports? Based on this knowledge, we develop solutions for measurably better results

Interface design:

You have UX designers but no resources for interface design? No problem: We take care of the design and bring your ideas to life

what our clients say:

H2D2 Testimonial SK

„The cooperation with the design experts from H2D2 gives us the security to get the most out of our shop in terms of design and usability and to present our product range in the best possible way.”

— Stanislav Kilishek, bonprix E-Commerce Manager

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This is how the process works from your request to the start of the project:

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