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H2D2-Shopicons – Iconfamilie mit 4 Schnitten

135 icons. 4 variations. For use anywhere.

“Shopicons” is the latest icon set by H2D2, bringing together the most important e-commerce symbols.

There are four different variations of each symbol, ensuring that there’s a suitable option for every shop.

All icons are available as SVG and PNG files and can be integrated directly into your online shop:

Download free via Git

Available in open source format under the Apache Licence Version 2.0.

H2D2-Shopicons – Konsistente Formsprache

Visually consistent

A consistent visual vocabulary across all 60 symbols gives your shop a professional look and inspires user confidence.

H2D2-Shopicons – verschiedene Warenkorb-Icons – Animation

Shopping basket, shopping cart or shopping bag?

Choose the symbol that best suits your product range.

H2D2-Shopicons – kleine Darstellung

Small and simple

Space is of the essence, especially for mobile-friendly shops. That’s why the Shop Icon set is available starting from 24×24 pixels.

A selection of the “Shopicons” at a glance


H2D2-Shopicons-Light – Übersicht
H2D2-Shopicons-Light – Übersicht


H2D2-Shopicons-Regular – Übersicht
H2D2-Shopicons-Regular – Übersicht


H2D2-Shopicons-Bold – Übersicht
H2D2-Shopicons-Bold – Übersicht


H2D2-Shopicons-Filled – Übersicht
H2D2-Shopicons-Filled – Übersicht

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Version history

  • 09/17/2020 / 10 icons added
Shopicons Balcony Shopicons Bath Shopicons Bed Shopicons Couch Shopicons Minus Shopicons Smiley-Negative Shopicons Plus Shopicons Smiley-Neutral Shopicons Smiley-Positive Shopicons Stove
  • 06/25/2020 / 12 summer icons added
Shopicons Grill Shopicons Icecream1 Shopicons Icecream2 Shopicons Melon Shopicons Palmtree Shopicons Refreshment Shopicons Pineapple Shopicons Relax Shopicons Rollerblades Shopicons Snorkel Shopicons Sunglasses Shopicons Sunset
  • 04/09/2020 / 4 easter icons added
Shopicons Bunny Shopicons Egg Shopicons Flower1 Shopicons Flower2
  • 04/08/2020 / 6 corona virus icons added
Shopicons Mask Shopicons Soap Shopicons SocialDistancing Shopicons StayAtHome Shopicons ToiletPaper Shopicons Virus
  • 03/12/2020 / 10 icons added
Shopicons Calculator Shopicons Checklist Shopicons Cloud Shopicons Code Shopicons NewTab Shopicons Partner Shopicons Note Shopicons Store Shopicons Sun Shopicons WLan
  • 02/19/2020 / 5 icons added
Shopicons Eco 1 Shopicons Eco 2 Shopicons Eco 3 Shopicons Eco 4 Shopicons Eco 5
  • 01/16/2020 / 10 icons added
Shopicons Laptop Shopicons Mail2 Shopicons NoPicture Shopicons Payment Shopicons Pizza Shopicons ReceivePayment Shopicons ReceivePackage Shopicons Robot Shopicons Share Shopicons World
  • 12/06/2019 / 8 Christmas icons added
Shopicons Christmas Cart Shopicons Christmas Delivery Shopicons Christmas Ornament Shopicons Christmas Santa Shopicons Christmas Snow Shopicons Christmas Stocking Shopicons Christmas Snowman Shopicons Cookie
  • 12/02/2019 / 10 new icons added
Shopicons Cart v7 Shopicons Chat v2 Shopicons Clock Shopicons Coathanger Shopicons Coinjar Shopicons Megaphone Shopicons Diagram Shopicons SendIt Shopicons Service Shopicons T-Shirt
  • 11/15/2019 / Initial version with 60 icons
Shopicons Account Shopicons Adjust Shopicons ArrowLeft Shopicons ArrowRight Shopicons Bell Shopicons Book v2 Shopicons Book v1 Shopicons Bookmark Shopicons Calendar Shopicons Cart v1 Shopicons Cart v2 Shopicons Cart v3 Shopicons Cart v4 Shopicons Cart v5 Shopicons Cart v6 Shopicons Checkmark Shopicons Chat Shopicons Close Shopicons Creditcard Shopicons Delivery v1 Shopicons Delivery v2 Shopicons Discount Shopicons Download Shopicons Edit Shopicons FastDelivery v1 Shopicons Flag Shopicons FastDelivery v2 Shopicons Hangtag Shopicons Heart Shopicons Hide Shopicons Home Shopicons Info Shopicons Invoice Shopicons Letter Shopicons Lightbulb Shopicons Lock Shopicons Location Shopicons Menu Shopicons Money Shopicons Options Shopicons Package v1 Shopicons Package v2 Shopicons Phone Shopicons Present Shopicons Print Shopicons Question Shopicons Quality Shopicons Return Shopicons Ruler Shopicons Search Shopicons Settings Shopicons Shield Shopicons Show Shopicons Star Shopicons ThumbsUp Shopicons Upload Shopicons Trash Shopicons Voucher Shopicons Wallet Shopicons Warning


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