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Find out more about your target group through user research

The basis for customer-friendly applications.

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Our services as an agency for user research:

  • UX / UI review
  • Usability tests
  • In-depth interviews
  • Online surveys
  • Competition observation
  • Stakeholder workshops

Why and when user research?

User Research helps you in every phase of a project to use your budget in the right place and to avoid expensive undesirable developments.

Would you like to bring a new product to the market? Then we can provide you with important information about customer needs and market gaps. Would you like to revise a website or an application? Then you should know where the previous weaknesses are and what problems users experience during operation. Is your project already running? Then we will be happy to help you validate initial results and adjust them if necessary.

User Research offers a wide range of quantitative and qualitative methods, which we use depending on the requirements. It is our ambition to support your strategic goals with the least possible effort. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about developing completely new product ideas or “just” about minimizing the abandonment rates in an order process.

Either way, you make informed decisions based on facts.

In short: Your advantages:

  • Consistent customer focus – because you know the real needs of your users better
  • Efficiency – because you can prioritize measures more easily. Because not everything is equally important
  • Cost reduction – by avoiding risks and undesirable developments
  • Data basis – so that you no longer have to rely on assumptions and gut feelings

Why with us

  • Individual concepts
    The method kit for user research is extensive. Even if all tools have their authorization, not all are suitable for your specific purposes. Therefore, we analyze the specific requirements at the beginning and formulate a clear question. On this basis, we then develop a procedure that corresponds to your goals and means.
  • Transparent methods At the beginning of the project, we explain the procedure to you. Together with the results, you will also receive a detailed report on the procedure.
  • Pragmatic solutions User research doesn’t have to be expensive. With qualitative methods, 5–6 test persons are often enough to bring important findings to light and to significantly improve the user experience of a product.
  • Concrete recommendations for action We don’t leave you alone with the findings, but show you how you can effectively implement the research results. Of course, tailored to your internal processes and resources.

What are we going to do?

In a detailed initial discussion, we record your requirements and identify key issues that we should pursue. Immediately afterwards, we will get back to you with a recommendation as to which measures can best be used to implement the discussed research goals.

In the actual implementation, we are happy to involve our customers – for example by following usability tests live with a camera. We are also happy to supplement the final documentation of the results with original tones and other “eye-openers”. Because in numerous projects we have made the experience that a clear presentation of sober facts has the most lasting and powerful effect.

Would you like to find out more?

This is how the process works from your request to the start of the project:

We would be happy to work with you. Trust in our expertise and talk to us.