Branding and UX/UI design for an electric vehicle charging solution

evcc has set out to optimize sustainability when charging electric vehicles. To ensure that the application is not only technically but also visually convincing, we supported the project with a variety of design services.

Illustration von Haus mit Photovoltaik-Anlage und Wallbox mit angeschlossenem Elektrofahrzeug. Eine Nutzerin steuert mit evcc-App den Ladevorgang.

The task:

Development of brand design and UX design for the open source project evcc (electric vehicle charge controller). evcc is a free and independent software that helps to charge electric cars with self-produced photovoltaic power and to control the entire charging flow in the home.

Our implementation:

A simple but effective corporate design forms the basis for the brand design. From this we developed the design for the website, marketing materials and the evcc app. The entire design package was created in close cooperation with Michael Geers, who is involved in the project as a frontend engineer.

The brand elements

Übersicht von Markenelementen wie Logo, Icons, Farbset, Typografie und Illustrationen

The website

Darstellung von Homepage in Smartphone- und Tablet-Variante

Infographic to illustrate how evcc works

Infografik die erklärt, wie evcc das Lademanagement zwischen Photovoltaikanlage, Elektroauto, Wallbox und Netzanschluss steuert

UX and UI design for the app

With the help of the evcc app, a charging management system can be implemented, e.g. charging the electric car with self-produced solar power or charging your own battery storage. The app can be operated via a web interface, for which we developed the UX and UI design. The main challenge was to present the large amount of information and functions in a clear and understandable way. In addition, an aesthetic interface design was important to us in order to increase the joy-of-use of the application and to communicate the performance of the app. It is now scientifically proven that things that look better are also rated as more functional. The effect is also known as the aesthetics-usability effect. The app was implemented in full responsive design.

The evcc app in the tablet version. Shopicons are used as the icon set

The evcc app in the smartphone version

Stickers for supporters

Like all open source projects, evcc lives from the commitment of individuals who support the project in their free time. As a small thank you, all evcc supporters received a sheet of stickers to beautify their own wall box and electric car. We have designed various illustrations and arranged them into a sticker sheet.

Illustrations for the sticker sheet

Die evcc-Sticker als wiederholendes Muster

Stickers used by evcc supporters

evcc-Sticker im Einsatz auf Wallbox

© Christoph Warnke

evcc-Sticker im Einsatz

© Uli Peters

evcc-Sticker im Einsatz

© Dirk

evcc-Sticker im Einsatz auf Wallbox

© coolio2004

Das evcc Maskottchen: die fahrende Sonne mit Sonnenbrille im Elektro-Cabrio

evcc is an initiative of technology-loving electric car drivers who, dissatisfied with charging solutions for the home, were looking for their own solution. The non-commercial project is happy about further support, be it through active help or sponsoring. Further information can be found here:


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