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Hunting for the best look – Frankonia fashion territory

The task:

Develop a name, logo and look for a new tool that allows customers to put together and publicize their own outfits from the Frankonia product segment.

Our solution:

We gave the tool a catchy name and logo. We also created a user-friendly and intuitive user interface and a design that stands out. In addition to the website, we also designed flyers and stand-up displays. The result of all this is that Frankonia customers have come up with almost 20,000 outfits in the last five years.

Development of a logo for the new online feature

The online tool allows customers to put together their own outfits and place them in their shopping cart:

Customers’ creative outfits can also be saved and used to provide inspiration for other customers:

UX and design development: based on initial prototypes, we determined the structure and functions:

About Frankonia

FRANKONIA is Europe’s leading retailer for hunting equipment, and a member of the Otto Group. Founded in 1908 as a regional vendor, the company’s range at first consisted of weapons, ammunition and hunting supplies, but soon expanded to include hunting apparel and a broad range of equipment. The company later added conventional fashions to its line. FRANKONIA now operates 27 retail stores, as well as offering its products in catalogues and online.


Frankonia, Rottendorf – A member of the Otto Group

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